Why choose Tawag Philippines?

Have you been experiencing problems with phone cards all this time? Lost minutes? Lost credits? Rip-offs? Billed unconnected calls? Poor connection? False promises? Now is the time to end it all. See how you can eliminate all these problems and enjoy extra benefits from Tawag Philippines.

Here is our point by point comparison. Test to believe!

Tawag Philippines

Other Phonecards

Fees and Charges TP has absolutely NO MAINTENANCE FEES, NO HIDDEN CHARGES. You can monitor your balance before and after each call, and be assured that you are charged ONLY FOR THE CALLS you make. Maintenance fees and hidden charges have always been the concern of all phonecard users. They lose $$ even when they do not use the phonecard.
Convenience On the first purchase, you can immediately make a call upon activation. You can then reload over the phone (IVR), or online ANYTIME. You need to buy from dealers or convenience stores. You may also purchase these online, but you have to wait for the PIN to be sent or emailed to you.
We have a speed-dialing feature where frequently-called numbers are assigned their 2-digit codes. No speed-dialing.
To make another call, there's no need to hang up and dial the access number again. No follow-on call.
Customer Service Available 24/7 Business hours only
Friendly, Filipino-speaking English, Hispanic
Efficient, quick resolution Have to be forwarded to superiors
Refund Policy Gives refunds and credits upon request. No refund; no credit-back
Billing/Increment At Tawag Philippines, we bill your calls only up to the last minute of your call. 3-minute rounding
Dialing Sequence PIN-less dialing You need to enter the card PIN
Referral Promos At Tawag Philippines, we value the new business you give us, and we give bonuses for referrals. None
Loyalty Rewards We give bonuses for heavy-usage customers. Discounts for high purchases.
We have a system that tracks customer loyalty, and give corresponding points for every payment made, which can be converted to gifts and perks. None
Customer Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed No specific data
Quality We utilize the best platform in the industry, and we never sacrifice quality for cheaper routes. No specific data