Remit to the Philippines

Sending money just got a lot easier – in addition to the existing manners of sending money, we have added another more convenient way, so you won’t have to take any trip to the bank or the remittance centers: over the phone through our secure 24/7 customer service hotline. Our trained and efficient representatives will be happy to assist you and make your remittance more convenient and fast.

Secure, Convenient, Superior. Our service sets us apart from the other remittance companies. Join the growing number of happy remitters currently using Tawag Philippines Remittance Service's CASH Delivery System.

Aside from applying the Lowest Exchange Rate in the Industry, Tawag Philippines Remittance Service's exciting service features include:

Cash Pick-up

Tawag Philippines Remittance Service has over 9,000 pickup locations all over the Philippines. Cash may be picked up in US dollars or Philippine Pesos. Pickup from pawnshops, bank branches, mobile phone centers, rural banks, etc.

Extensive Bank Network

Bank credit to any commercial bank in Philippine Pesos and US Dollars.

Door to Door Cash Delivery

Tawag Philippines Remittance Service delivers cash in Pesos or US Dollars directly to the beneficiary's home in 24 to 48 hours in most cities.