FAQs on Send Load Service

What is a "Load"?

"Load" is how you say 'prepaid mobile phone credit' in some countries including the Philippines. You need load to make calls or send text messages. Tawag Philippines Load Wallet allows people in the U.S. and Canada to buy load for their friends and family abroad who have Philippine prepaid mobile phones.

How do I send load

To send load, provide the prepaid mobile number of your recipient and choose the denomination you want to send. Make sure your intended recipient's number is currently active. Be sure to provide the correct mobile number, as one wrong digit may cause the load to be sent to another recipient. Loading is final and irreversible.

What networks are supported by Tawag Philippines Load Wallet service?

Tawag Philippines Load Wallet service is available for Smart (Smart Buddy, Talk 'N Text), Globe (Globe Prepaid and Touch Mobile) and Sun Cellular.

Can I also send loads to mobile phones of other countries?

We provide loads only for Philippine mobile phones, although they may be located anywhere in the world using roaming service.

How fast is load sent? How long until recipient receives it?

Sending of load is processed immediately after payment confirmation, and recipient should get the load credit almost instantly. However, due to unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances such as cellular network congestion, system upgrades, maintenance, or network downtime, delays may be experienced. There is no need to worry as orders are simply queued and processed once the network is running smoothly again.

What if recipient never gets the load credits?

While there have been no reported cases, if the recipient does not receive the sent load, simply call us at 1-800-672-6099 and an investigation will be conducted with the particular cellular network.

How long does it take before the load expires?

Please refer to this table:

Note: Validity may be changed by the mobile networks.

What if the load is sent to the wrong number?

Once the load is successfully transmitted, it is irreversible. If the sender has provided a wrong recipient number, payment is still due and demandable. If the retailer enters the wrong mobile number, he must send the load to the correct number without charging the sender any additional payment. Tawag Philippines will not be liable for any erroneous loads.

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