FAQs on Bill Payment Service

What is Tawag Philippines Bill Payment?

TP Bill Payment is basically your payment Service over the phone. We do the errand of paying your most basic household utility, your Meralco electric bill.

We save you and your loved ones the worry of the electricity getting disconnected. We save them the time and effort of going to the payment center.

You will never have to remit several times for the reason that the funds you previously sent have been spent on something else. We make sure that your remittance serves its purpose.

How will TP Bill Payment benefit me?

The benefits of Tawag Philippines BILL PAYMENT:

  • Lowest Service Fee of $5
  • Assurance that bills are paid on time
  • Proof of payment guaranteed
  • 24/7 customer service to assist you with your payment needs
  • Transactions are directly transmitted to authorized billers/banks.
  • Competitive exchange rates – Compare us with leading remittance companies
  • Cheaper than sending money via remittance
  • Paying your loved one’s Meralco bills are now easier than ever
  • Your family and friends in the Philippines don’t have to take time out from their busy schedule - you will save them the time and transportation money

How much do you charge for this service?

As an introductory offer, our bill payment fee is only US$3.00 per bill.

Do you charge the same fee if I pay through my credit card or Paypal account?

Yes, the fee will still be the same when using credit or debit cards or Paypal account, but we will add 4% for transaction fee.

How do you convert the Peso bill to U.S. Dollars?

We apply a competitive exchange rate in converting your bills from Philippine Peso into U.S. Dollars. For example: the bill is Php 1,000, and our exchange rate is Php 42.75, we divide 1,000 by 42.75 to get the dollar value of the bill.

If I want to pay 3 bills all at the same time, will I pay $9?

NO – For multiple bills under a single transaction, you don’t have to pay $5 for each bill. We will charge you only $5 for one bill, and $1 for each additional bill. If you will pay 3 bills with a single transaction, the total fee will only be $7. BUT if you will pay multiple bills on the same day, but transacted separately, you will be charged $5 for each bill.

Do you give rewards to clients that use your service on a regular basis?

Yes. Clients that regularly pay their monthly bills using our service would get a 20% discount on the SERVICE FEE. That’s instant savings for Loyal customers.

How soon will the payment be acknowledged?

We observe a cut-off time of 10:00am Manila Time or 7:00 PM PST Bill payment requests received before 10:00am Manila Time (7:00pm PST) will be processed within the day and proof of payment will be sent via email. Official posting to Meralco would be the following day.

I’m here in the U.S. How do I find out how much to pay when I don’t have the bills in front of me?

We will sign you up for online notification at www.meralco.com.ph. All we need is your email address, any bill in the past 12 months with Service ID No., Bill Date, and the Amount. nine days before a billing cycle, you will receive an e-mail notification from Meralco. You may now provide the Meralco Reference Number (26 digits long) for us to pay for the current bill. Meralco only accepts exact payments from the amount due. You may also provide a contact person that we can call and ask for the required information.

What if payment is overdue?

As long as the service is not yet disconnected, payment can be done via regular transactions.

Can you pay for a disconnected account?

If  it is paid on the same day of disconnection, Meralco would only require a small reconnection fee in addition to the outstanding bill. If the service has been disconnected for more than a day,  Meralco would require the following;

  • Authorization from account holder stating his/her desire to reactivate the service
  • Valid ID of authorized representative and account holder
  • Proof of ownership or Contract/Lease
  • Deposit

Is my payment information secure?

All your personal and payment information is kept at the highest confidentiality. We respect our customers’ privacy and we do not share our customers’ information to any third party vendor. Your payment information is protected. We DO NOT collect credit card information. It is directly fed into our credit card processing center Authorize.net.

What if I want to pay other bills aside from my Meralco bill? Do you have a special agreement with Meralco?

We are currently just accepting Meralco bills for our Bills Payment Service but if you have any other bills in the Philippines that you would need to get paid, all you need to do is provide us with the details of your bill and we will get it approved. Once approved, you will be immediately informed and your payment will be billed to you accordingly. This is for initial payment only. Once approved, you can pay the bill with our service on a regular basis.

Do you have a special agreement with Meralco?

Tawag Philippines’ Bill payment service shall not be deemed or construed by any party as creating the relationship of partnership or of joint venture between Tawag Philippines and Meralco.  We are only giving the service of relaying your payment so your loved ones will enjoy continuous electric service.

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