Pay the Meralco Bill of your Loved Ones in the Philippines

It's now possible and affordable to pay for your loved one's monthly MERALCO bills in the Philippines directly, from anywhere in the world. Do away w/ expensive remittance fees, and be assured that the bills will really get paid.

Why pay their Bills through Tawag Philippines

  • Big savings! We have the most affordable Service Fee of $5
  • You are assured that bills are paid on time
  • Proof of payment guaranteed
  • 24/7 customer service to assist you in placing your payment
  • Transactions are directly transmitted to authorized billers/banks
  • Competitive exchange rates, better than other remittance services!
  • Cheaper than sending money via remittance
  • Your family and friends in the Philippines don’t have to take time out from their busy schedule - you will save them the time and extra transportation money
  • No risks, No worries!

Payment Comparison

Payment through Remittance Payment through TP Bills Payment
  • Step 1: Place your remittance online or over the phone.
  • Step 2: Your loved ones receive the remittance.
  • Step 3: Your loved ones prepare to go out of the house or take a leave from work to go to the payment center.
  • Step 4: They fall in line for a good one hour just to make the payment.
  • Step 5: They commute back home feeling exhausted.
  • Step 1: Place your bills payment through Tawag Philippines’ accredited distributors or our 24/7 customer service.
  • Step 2: Your loved ones’ bills will be paid through Tawag Philippines’ bills payment system.
Sample Computation Sample Computation
  • $100 for Meralco Bill
  • $10 for Remittance Fee
  • $5 for Transportation Expenses
  • $12 for for Being Absent from Work

$127 Total Expenses

  • $100 for Meralco Bill
  • $5 for Bills Payment Service Fee

$105 Total Expenses

You SAVE $22!